Welcome to My Site

Thank you for spending time at my blog.  My name is Dave Molinari.  I live in Beaverton, Oregon and love to write about my personal and professional experiences.

Here, you will find pieces that give details about my professional skills and accomplishments, book reviews, and my life experiences while living and working in Russia for 5 years.

My purpose in life is to fix problems in organizations and make systems run more smoothly.  Accordingly, I study and implement process improvement methodologies such as Lean, Business Process Management, and Lean Six Sigma.  Here, you will find a growing number of posts dedicated to the journey I have taken to learn how to make companies work better.

As I am always open to new opportunities, it is my aim to make it clear to the reader how I can help their organization improve.  Feel free to review my work and determine if I’m the right person to come on board and help.



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