My Professional Strengths

intellogoBelow is a compilation of strengths noted in many of my performance reviews over the years.  These comments crossed multiple jobs during my time at Intel Corporation.  I edited the text to fix some of the choppiness and incomplete sentences that are normally used in a performance review document in order to save space.  I did my best to preserve the messages intended by managers.

  1. [Discipline]  Dave infused a greater level of discipline into the project planning across groups and instilled better organization within the local team.  He built an MBO planning process and an effective, consistent staff meeting that improved communication, individual involvement, and focus on results.
  2. [Customer Orientation]  Dave improved stakeholder management and helped the team flip the emphasis on acting as a victim of our stakeholders to working as direct peers and partners instead.  Stakeholder satisfaction was problematic many times during the year, but as Dave helped Nizhny drive the agenda more, problems were solved more effectively when on equal footing with other organizations.
  3. [Quality]  Dave showed his commitment to quality by leveraging the talents of his team to define what quality coding really is.  The team now has the right focus on what is needed to produce quality projects.  He has also worked tirelessly to improve the communication skills of the team by running communication and leadership workshops that will increase our reputation as a high-quality organization.
  4. [Integrity]  Dave has received regular feedback from stakeholders that he operates with a high level of integrity.  One example included his contribution to the Sales and Marketing Group performance review session.  Dave ensured that fair and accurate results were achieved amongst the numerous and varied departments across the organization.  He also exhibited a strong commitment to running the Russia Marketing Center in a professional, value-oriented manner.
  5. [Quality]  Dave’s work output and communication skills are always of the highest quality.  He is able to articulate the key messages in communications and presentations, provide the right data for the right situation, and collaborate effectively with teams and stakeholders to get the job done effectively.  Dave contributed quality content and clear messages in presentations to the Executive Management Team and to regular Ops Review meetings.  Additionally, he submitted high quality data to the Compensation &Benefits Team in order to improve salary competitiveness in the Russia market.  All these demonstrate his constant commitment to Quality.
  6. [Great Place to Work]  Dave leads with principle and has spread the trait of professionalism and responsibility to the rest of the young and inexperienced Russia Marketing Center team members.  He has challenged his people to move from being a new and untested team to a respected partner with Moscow and EMEA.  He has also inspired people to work hard but have fun.  Examples of this are the Russia Marketing Center hosting a party at the Intel Global Sales and Marketing Conference as well as contributing a video and displays to the CEO’s technical demo.  The positive, energetic spirit of the RMC is a direct product of Dave’s dedication to making it a Great Place to Work.
  7. [Customer Orientation]   Dave constantly demonstrates strong customer orientation.  He was very proactive and constructive during design and planning of the global service request system for the Software Solutions Group.  Dave scheduled a large number of meetings with customers to understand customer requirements and constantly sought customer feedback.  He scheduled meetings to discuss customer satisfaction surveys and proposed possible action items to address issues.
  8. [Quality]  Dave possesses strong written and presentation skills.  Due to this, he acts as the primary messenger for written communications with the customers or within Northwest Engineering Computing.  Dave’s presentations to the Executive Committee were received well throughout the year.
  9. [Customer Orientation]   Dave is the end user advocate for the Northwest Engineering Computing customer base.  Dave excels at ensuring a quality support experience by closely monitoring the NWEC indicators and survey data and following up on customer surveys.  He also regularly meets with customers and has provided extensive indicators for quarterly reviews and for his NWEC peer managers as needed.
  10. [Results Orientation]  Dave is imaginative and not afraid to take risks.  He came into the Security Operations Team (SOT) and the Security Architecture Team knowing little about information security and was able to quickly begin effective management of the SOT.  He is also not afraid to look for new opportunities or ways to simplify or reduce the workload.  He has introduced a new concept of site security certification which is a departure from our current ways of pushing the regions to get their security work completed.  This new concept will hopefully “pull” the regions by instilling a bit of competitiveness into the process in hopes of easing the constant pushback we get when trying to deploy new security solutions.  This is a significant departure from our normal operations method and will be an interesting experiment to improve security within EC.
  11. [Customer Orientation]   Dave is the end user advocate for the NWEC customer base.  Dave excels at ensuring a quality support experience by closely monitoring the NWEC SLA commitments and following up on customer surveys.  He also regularly meets with customers and has provided extensive indicators for quarterly reviews and for his NWEC peer managers as needed.  Dave has especially assisted with an increasingly successful partnership with the motherboard engineering team by providing indicators bi-monthly to ensure follow through on support issues and projects.
  12. [Customer Orientation]   Dave has shown a strong ability to work with the toughest and most unhappy customers and turn them into advocates of the Help Desk and NWEC.
  13. [Quality]   Dave has no qualms asking for help, it’s one of his strengths.  He wants to do the right thing so he’ll ask for opinions, suggestions, and the best way to handle a situation.  He’ll take this feedback and decide the best course of action.  He does a good job keeping the team aware of status on whatever he is working on.
  14. [Customer Orientation]   Dave is skilled at working with cross-site teams, management, and customers to create innovative, high-quality support models.  Dave’s skill in developing processes that benefit all participants has created high customer satisfaction at the Intel Engineering Technology Center and the Columbia Development Center.
  15. [Discipline]   Dave has strong analytical skills which help him in analysis of his business issues and challenges.
  16. [Customer Orientation]   Dave is a fervent advocate of the individual end-user customer.  He regularly calls customers who have submitted surveys, those who have complained about service problems, and those who have simply used the Help Desk.  This way, he stays in touch with the customers’ needs and adapts our processes to better meet those needs in the future.

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