A3 Examples

Personal Effectiveness_Jul16

Uploaded below are a gradually growing archive of A3 templates I have filled out for various problem-solving efforts.  I have cleansed them of any confidential information or references to the company involved.

In some cases, I have gone back to older projects and created an A3 retroactively.

Lastly, I am not always successful fitting the contents onto one page. This is always a struggle for me.

Server Access

This A3 was a stopgap to fix an irritating problem where roles and responsibilities were unclear.  This got us by for the short-term and has since been replaced by an automated code deployment tool called Repliweb.  All users must use this service which implies that the environment is fully built and ready for developers to use as they wish.

Information Security Measures

There were many root causes to this problem, but all were addressed quite well and the improvement effort became a huge success.  It created a useful model for future efforts.

Web Security Task Force

This was a difficult, stressful, and very political battle to fix.  It represents a situation that makes me doubt that it is always a process problem.  Sometimes, it just seems like a people problem.  In this case, part of the process we created involved removing a person from participating.  Once this occurred, the whole team soared and solved the problems with ease and enthusiasm.  Interpret that how you wish!

Regardless, conquering this millstone was a huge victory for the organization.  What took weeks or months now takes one or two days.  Currently, we are writing code to automate the configuration so that it can be completed in minutes.  Looking back at this experience, it was one of our proudest achievements.


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